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The latest in Torrot


Torrot and GasGas on the lookout for future off-road champions

- Torrot and Gas Gas have launched a joint project to facilitate access and training for off-road riders with their electric motorcycles for children.
- The school for promising young riders now has 14 partner training centers, a teaching offer that is to increase over the next few months.
- In addition to the values of sport and competition, children participating in our schools will learn to respect the natural environment thanks to our 100% electric motorcycles.


Torrot Muvi leads the list of best-selling electric mopeds for the third month running

- For the fourth time this year and for the third month running, in September the MUVI is the best selling electric scooter. It is also the second most sold when taking traditional internal combustion engine mopeds into account.
- The Torrot MUVI has become the biggest selling moped of 2017 and accounts for almost half the registrations of electric mopeds.
- Electric mopeds are bucking the downward trend in the motorcycle market, and sales and registration figures just keep growing.


Once again the Torrot Muvi is the best-selling electric moped in August and tops the annual sales ranking

- The Torrot MUVI has become the best-selling moped so far this year and has accounted for almost half of the registrations of electric mopeds.
- For the third time so far this year, and second consecutive month, in August the MUVI has been the highest selling electric scooter and the also second, taking into account mopeds with internal combustion engine.
- Electric mopeds go against the downward trend of the motorcycle market, and sales and registrations just keep on going up.


GasGas-Torrot TXTe EGD: The winner of the 1st Edition of FIM TrialE Cup

Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Let’s take a closer look at the new GasGas-Torrot TXTe EGD piloted by Marc Colomer on his way to victory in the first edition of the TrialECup world championships. An innovative and surprising concept bike born out of the collaboration between Torrot and Gas Gas, the TXTe EGD opens the doors on the future of electric competition bikes.