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The latest in Torrot


Torrot electrifies the Barcelona MOTOh! show

Torrot brings the latest innovations to its interconnected electric scooter, the Muvi, to the show. This bike has new versions making it easily adaptable to the needs of fleets and sharing. As well as the latest product innovations, younger riders were able to have fun on the children’s circuit with the large range of Kids electric bikes. The hometown show for the Catalan company has become the starter’s pistol shot for the ‘School of Champions’, a new training project aimed at transmitting a passion for enduro and trial to our youngest riders.


The new Torrot Muvi conquers Cádiz!

The sharing company Muving relies on the Torrot Muvi to launch its service of intelligent mobility in Cadiz. Since last March 13th, the citizens of Cadiz are enjoying the new Torrot Muvi as many minutes as they need using a simple mobile App.


'Motoh! Barcelona' receives all the novelties from Torrot and GasGas and activities to enjoy with all the family

There’s less than a week for the start of the 'Motoh! Barcelona', and Torrot and GasGas have all their novelties ready to be presented on the fair. In addition to the latest developments in technology and connectivity applied to the mobility sector, visitors can enjoy the activities we have prepared for all audiences.
In its second edition, 'Motoh! Barcelona' hopes to attract more than 30,000 visitors.


Torrot responds to Andorra's desire to become a national leader electric mobility

Iván Contreras, Torrot’s founder and CEO, together with Motorand SLU, has presented Torrot’s new range of electric bicycles and bikes to the Andorran institutions and business associations. The impulse given by the “Pla Engega 2017”, a Government promotional initiative, clearly demonstrates Andorra’s commitment to the use of electric vehicles and its desire to become a leading nation with regard to sustainable mobility.


Torrot leads sales in January in the Spanish two-wheeled electric sector

The new Torrot Muvi electric bikes boost sales for the manufacturer of urban electric vehicles in the month of January in Spain. The Muvi City heads sales within the electric sector of the two wheeled category and has become the clear leader amongst environmentally friendly urban motorcycles.