Learning to ride

Designed to give the greatest safety and control to parents, allowing the Torrot electric motorbike to be controlled remotely.

More than a vehicle, a motorbike is a tool that allows the riders to reach beyond their own limits.
At a young age, having the opportunity to learn to ride a motorbike allows the pilot to develop a concentration on the present moment, to focus on the obstacle in front of him in order to surpass it.

Our mission is to be in the day-to-day life of the little ones to see them grow up with our Torrot motorbikes, learning next to their family and with the security of being able to control the bike to avoid risks, thanks to the technology of the Torrot motorbike with Bluetooth control by mobile application.
Helmet, gloves, boots and protections are direct protection elements that are indispensable every time you ride a motorbike, this applies to all ages.
As an additional safety feature, the entire Torrot Kids range has an easy-to-use app that allows you to control and configure the bike so that riders can develop their skills with adult supervision and improve day by day.

The app allows you to control the motorbike remotely to stay on the right direction and avoid deviations that escape parental control.