Victory for Torrot

Torrot makes its debut as the fastest motorcycle in its category and in the over category.

On May 16, the young promise of motocross Alex Esteban set the best time with the new Torrot KIDS Motocross Two, not only in his MX-E 1.6 category but also in the superior MX-E 2.5 category.
The “Copa Catalana de Motorcoss Electric” championship organized by the Catalan motorcycle federation led by Guaja Aventuras in the l’Atmella Park motor zone circuit, brought together the future promises of motorcycling.
In the competition Alex Esteban faced, like David against Goliath, with his Torrot motorcycle other brands of higher motor powered categories to win the duel. They even posted much better times than more than half of the competitors in the MX-E 5.0 top category.
From Torrot we are very happy with the results obtained in the motocross competition where both the bike and the rider really get the most out of it.