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The latest in Torrot


The new Torrot Velocipedo revolutionizes the world of urban mobility at the EICMA show in Milan

- The presentation of the new Torrot Velocipedo arouses the admiration of the public of the Milan Motorcycle Show
- Torrot's revolutionary vehicle fully meets the expectations generated before its global presentation and becomes the new flagship product from the electric vehicle manufacturer in the midst of a great media whirlwind
- The company takes advantage of the largest international two-wheel showcase to present its new models of electric bikes, Dakota and Visiobike, and the first trial-excursion bike, the new Torrot Movak


The revolution in urban mobility is here thanks to innovative Torrot Velocipedo

The future is now a reality with the launch of the new Torrot Velocipedo, an innovative and revolutionary formula for understanding urban mobility. The new 100% electric, technologically advanced concept created by Torrot combines the comfort and protection of a car with the agility of a motorcycle, increasing stability thanks to its two front wheels. This is the great commitment from Torrot to improve urban mobility. An exclusive vehicle with zero emissions designed to improve life and sustainability in cities, and suitable for the profiles of all types of drivers thanks to its ease of use.


Visiobike, style comes to urban bikes

Torrot increases its family of electric bicycles with the presentation of the new Visiobike. This model comes in two styles, carbon fibre and white mother of pearl, adding to the popular range of urban bikes with a new stylized large-wheel electric bike.


The new electric trial bike to enjoy in sync with nature

Gas Gas announces the launch of the much awaited for Torrot MOVAK, the first electric trial bike that the brand from Girona is to manufacture in series. A new model made in accordance to the philosophy of trial-excursion with electric motor and automatic clutch, which thanks to its comfortable seat, will offer the maximum fun to its users in outings to enjoy trial and the mountains during the weekend.