Our range of dirt electric bikes has grown to keep offering the right bike at each stage: WE INTRODUCE THE MX3.


Bigger and faster, meet the MX3

Designed for ages 9 to 14, this NEW powerful motocross bike, built with the same quality components used in adult bikes, has arrived to beat any challenge.

Faster,sturdier and more powerful: feel the top speed of 80km/h (50 mph) and programmable power up to 8000W that this electric MX bike can offer. MX3 is ready to be pushed to its limits on the race track or be ridden for enjoyment and fun on all terrains!

Looking for even more adrenaline? Challenge yourself using the NEW exclusive APP, set the new parameters and experience all the power and above that this two-wheeled machine can offer to you.

Ready to boost your new adventures.


Whether you are looking for a motorcycle for your experienced child or if you are looking for one to introduce him/her to the motor world, these bikes are the best option for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.


All-terrain fun: “from the backyard to the mountains. From the forest to the track.”

Motocross, Trial and Supermotard bikes, that have been designed to grow up next to the rider through the ranges available and through the use of the APP, from which the bike's behavior can be adapted to rider's driving skills. Further, using parental control, the bike can be controlled remotely.

Quiet, clean and safe: there is no exhaust pipe to be harmed with, there is no oil to be spilled, the weight is little and all of them have swappable batteries with a safe exchange system and “man overboard” security system that will immediately switch off the motor when pulled out.

Bikes that boast extremely high passive safety standards that place a premium on fun and learning.


Discover the electric scooter for people like you, who value time and practicality above everything else.


Made to take care of the city you love

Searching for a lightweight, aesthetic, easy to use, maneuverable and sustainable motorcycle? STOP here: we have the e-scooter you were looking for.

Our MUVI is suitable for quick, clean and noiseless rides. Manufactured with the best components, our electric scooters have great autonomy, light interchangeable batteries and maximum safety features.

Available in 2 versions: L1 (equivalent to 49cc) / L3 (equivalent to 125cc) and 3 colors.